The gaming world is full of shooting games, and also, there are so many games about exploring the galaxy. They are fine simulators, but I want to introduce you new version of one of the best games, Dead zed 3is a perfect mix of awesome adventure simulator and shooting platform.

This is the fresh released game Dead zed 3 and you can play that cool game for free at this site.

Third version is full of new advanced features and awesome characters, also developers have created a whole new scenario for this third version, you can enjoy new maps and dark sides of the galaxy.

This game is absolutely main line of shooting gameplay, and will definitely please you with its amazing storyline and awesome graphics. Also, there are no bugs. And unlike the previous versions, the creators of the game have added a very different strategical movement for your enemy players. So, you need to be more mobilized and play with full attention to beat the invaders. Dead zed 3 has so many new opportunities for you, because there are so many new maps and also interesting plot twists.

The main idea of the Dead Zed 3

As I already said, this game has whole different and a new storyline. The reason is simple. The creators wanted to write a breathtaking story about brave soldier and they totally did it. The scenario of this new third version takes place on the space platform, and it is located in the freshly discovered galaxy which is full of psychopath aliens and unknown beasts. At the beginning, Your main character is a normal engineer, who is born to work in a safe environment. But, at one ordinary work day, your platform is under attack and you have to deal with the angry aliens and also destructive robots to save yourself and also save an earth.

The scenario of this game is extraordinary and really interesting, because unlike the other ordinary shooting games, there you can play with five different characters and all of them are so awesome. They have different skills and types. Also, you have to choose characters carefully, because each one of them has a different path for you. In my opinion, if you are brave enough, you will explore all of them. You need to work to update your gun types, and that will help you to go further.

The controls in this game are same as other shooting games.

  • You need to press W to jump
  • To move right, press D and to move left, press A
  • You need to use S to crouch and also you have to press R to reload your gun.
  • To change a gun, press Q and to deploy your drone, use E

Gameplay and graphics.

Dead zed 3 has a modern style gameplay, where you have so many possibilities to play as you wish. Your main mission is to destroy enemy soldiers and for that, you have new guns with advanced features. Also, by killing the invaders, you earn money, and with that cash you can buy new better guns and also update your equipment with super power-ups. You also can buy a drone to assist you in the battle. This game is full with amazing details, like you can choose a silencer for your gun and even different types of drones. So, chose correct equipment for your war and save the planet.

The graphics in this game are cool and will give you pleasure with their modern textures and amazing colors. This game has so many awesome new skins for your armor and each gun has original visual, which is so realistic and make the game more beautiful. Also, every sound is perfectly suited with intense battlefield. So enjoy the game!