Games about zombies are great teacher and the best way to learn and practice where you should go when apocalipse comes. Also what you should do if you see army of zombies near your doorsteps. Shooter games have become one of the most-played games online, and they are always fun and enjoyable to play. Dead zed stands as a glowing reminder that quality zombie flash games are still the best way to kill time, and not only time.

This extremely hardcore, skill-based, first one-person shooter game forces you to think differently than in other zombie games. You spend time with pleasure while you are playing it. Creators of the game have not only developed a cool game, but has completely outclassed its contemporaries. Compared to other games of same type, when you play dead zed once, you never forget the feeling of power and adrenaline in your veins.

Fight against zombies is always most important mission in our world, and when time comes, you have to be ready. This game is the best tool to train and start to think as a guard of your country. Also, Dead zed is an addictive game and after every round, you just want to try one more time. Because, there is a constant desire to do better than last time, to earn a satisfying kill, or to win in a new way.

Storyline of the game

The world is collapsed and zombies are everywhere. You with your rifle are at the last stand to fight against them, and you have a limited angle with a little window for aim. But if you have good vision, your machine-gun fire will be deadly as hell. This game is the face of genre evolution and trend changes and gives you brutal force way to success. Part of what makes it such an engaging and competitive.

The game is not only killing zombies, meanwhile it is about rescuing people. That requires a whole different skill set than other shooter games. Some zombies can run faster and escape your fire better, but you can upgrade your aim and fire range quality as well. There is a sickening sensation of dropping zombie dead, because you know they cannot come back to life one more time as before. It is also satisfying to know that you using limited resources, so play smarter than a whole army of monsters. The desire of this game is an experience, and distinct feeling is a strong motivator to keep playing, even after getting more and more good guns.

Gameplay and graphics.

Developers of Dead Zed put a lot of effort to make a whole new realistic graphics in this game, and they did it right. When you are watching how zombie army running towards you, you just cannot think that this is just a game, because everything is so close to real fight, even gun sounds is so cool. Unlike other games, there are not only one type zombies, and you have to fight against fast runners, big, hard to kill beasts etc.

Gameplay in this game is simple, your job is to keep house safe, while your searching crew is looking for survivors. But keep the house safe is not an easy job. You have to kill zombies, and as in many shooter games, if you shot them in the head, you get double points. Each round is different and strange, some are night mode battlefields and some map is a beautiful sunrise with painted blood of course.

After every battle, your crew is coming back with new toys, like new machine guns and recently discovered people, who can help you to fight and repair your house. But you should redistribute them in right way: To repair, shooting and search party positions. While fighting, you can change your gun on primary to secondary with just clicking 1 and 2 keys.