Zombies to die is a freshly released one of the of the most famous survival game. Which already broke the record of the selling in the app market, and now I want to introduce you the flash version of this cool game.

To win this extraordinary game, you need a good driving skills and also the reflexes of survival warrior. Because, this game is a mix of the two best genres in the flash gaming. Here you'll see the details of survival and racing games together. That is why, there you will to play with the most interesting scenario. So, prepare your car and be ready to go into the center of zombie army.

Zombies To Die storyline

The scenario of this game is a story from the previous Zombie to die games and now, you can see the future storyline of the brave soldier, who find a way to get out of danger in the previous versions. So, the story takes place in the new base, where your soldier gets a chance to drive a real military trucks. The situation is same, the world is in a danger, because the destructive disease have already infected almost every human and your only chance is to find a helicopter and drive away from this hell.

Car selection

Unlike the previous zombie to die games, here you can't buy a new car when you get enough money, because the game will give you automatically a new vehicle, when you'll cover the distance between the two bases. First car in this game is the fire truck, which is already a good enough to drive over zombie army in the first round. But to do so, you still need to upgrade some details on it. Also, in the second round, you'll get a really awesome and bigger truck and in the last round, there is a big stunning and a literally deadly military truck for you.

The controls

  • To move forward and rush, you have to click the Up arrow key
  • To tilt your vehicle, press the Left and Right arrow keys
  • When you buy a boost, click the Ctrl or X to use it


Zombies to die has the realistic graphics, that gives you the possibility to enjoy the craziest gameplay. The main mission in this game is to prepare your car for ride over the zombie army. To do so, you have an awesome garage, where is so many cool details, like a rockets, chainsaws, wheels with a spikes and other equipment for your car, of course with a stunning engines. So, you can upgrade your car to be more fast and you can even put a machine gun on your car to kill a zombie while you are riding really fast. Also, you can buy boost to fly over the zombie barricades and the wall.

This game is really cool, because unlike the other typical survival games, where you have ordinary zombies to kill, here is whole different plot twist for you and let me tell you about it. You have so many advanced zombies to kill, like a runners, who can jump on your car and that slow you down, also a big beast zombies, who are really hard to drive over. But, this game is the most awesome game in the genre, because you have the coolest equipment to fight against this marvelous enemy. like a big chainsaws and massive destructive machine guns. You need to buy a bullets for your weapons and fuel for your boost too. So, create your own awesome deadly vehicle and save yourself.